Abingdon Junior Woman’s Club

General Federation of Women’s Clubs



Third Thursday of the Month

Hedding Grade School

401 West Latimer

Abingdon, IL  61410



Teresa Schisler.....Co-President

Teresa Sanford.....Co-President

Kay Melton.....Vice President

Eileen Johnson.....Secretary

Jeanne Archer.....Treasurer

We welcome new members and hope

you will consider joining us in fellowship and friendship.

All interested women can apply!  

Proud to Be...GFWC Volunteer


If you are interested please contact:

Teresa Sanford

985 170th St.

Abdingdon, IL 61410





The Juniors began more than 50 years ago (1949) to the Community cry: “If you want it done: Ask a Junior member!”

We are proud to be the largest woman’s volunteer organization in our community.

Club Committees:


Abingdon Neighborhood Committee

(Scholastic Letters, Swim Program, Soccer, Youth Activities)


Make a Difference Day in October


Teacher Appreciation in May

Annual Club Projects:


Support of 4th of July Celebration

Kris Kringle’s Korner (Children’s Shopping Center)

Share Your Heart (Christmas Angel Tree)

Garden Party (Community Projects)

Fine Arts Festival


General Federation of Women’s Clubs

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Illinois